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    My Treatment Philosophy

“If all you own is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

I am amazed and dismayed at those professionals that are convinced that one modality treats all conditions and works for all individuals.

Some psychiatrists ignore all issues and concern themselves with only medications. And then there are those therapists who believe that their brand of psychotherapy treats every condition there is (and will put their patients through years of misery before suggesting a consultation for medications).

I believe that a diagnosis should include all elements and a treatment plan should be comprehensive.
I want to be able to bring relief to painful symptoms as soon as possible
Once acute symptoms are treated , I focus on life style and other issues and try to promote healthy changes
Educating my patient about their condition and its care is part of my job
It usually helps (a lot), to include family or a close friend in the treatment ( only if the patient consents)
If we are not making progress, I like the idea of obtaining a second opinion. It is entirely possible that in spite of my best efforts I missed something.
The money helps in paying the bills, but what really keeps me enthusiastic in this business, is the pleasure of seeing my patients transform.
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