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Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

Department of Psychiatry and Addiction Services,
The Medisys Health Network
(Jamaica and Flushing Hospitals &
The Advanced Center for Psychotherapy)

Admn. Asst. Catalina Canavan

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
8900 Van Wyck Expressway,
Jamaica, New York 11418
Ph: 718-206-7135
Fax: 718-206-7169

Associate Chair: Vinod Dhar, MD
Administrator: Larry Mule, MBA

Jamaica Hospital offers the following psychiatric services:

24-hour Psychiatric Emergency Service
Director: Madhu Malhotra, MD

Inpatient Service: Consist of 2 acute psychiatry units of 25 beds each.
Psych II: Unit Chief: Sandip Sheth, MD
Psych III: Unit Chief; Martha Edelman, MD

Mental Health Clinic:
Director: Joseph George, MD

Consultation-Liaison Service.
Co Directors: Richard Deucher, MD & Glenn Kalash, DO

Psychiatric Education:
Director of Residency Training: Richard Deucher, MD
Assoc. Director: Daniel Chen, MD
Director of Psychosomatic Fellowship Adam Chester, DO
Coordinator of Medical Student Training: Glenn Kalash, DO
Residency Training Coordinator: Anne Incantalupo

Division of Psychiatric Research
Director: Seeth Vivek, MD
Research Coordinator: Tom Pawelzik

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